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Type 2 to Tesla Adapter Type 2 to Tesla Charging Adapter

  • Type 2 to Tesla

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Type 2 to Tesla Adapter For EV Charging: 

Seamlessly connects Type 2 standard EV charger to the Tesla electric vehicle charging system, offering Tesla owners a wider range and more convenient charging options.

Type 2 to Tesla Adapter Features:

  1. High-Power Charging: The adapter supports a working current of up to 120A, enabling faster charging speeds and saving Tesla owners significant time.

  2. Optimal Insertion and Removal Force: With an insertion and removal force range of 45N<F<80N, the adapter ensures a secure connection while maintaining user-friendly operability.

  3. Excellent Insulation Performance: An insulation resistance greater than 10MΩ (DC500V) effectively prevents electrical leakage and short circuits, ensuring a safe charging process.

  4. Dust and Water Protection: IP55 protection rating ensures the adapter can withstand dust and water ingress, making it suitable for various outdoor environments.

  5. Low Contact Resistance: A maximum contact resistance of 0.5mΩ minimizes energy loss and improves charging efficiency.

  6. Durable Shell: Made of heat-shrinkable plastic, the shell is resistant to high temperatures, wear, and impact, protecting the internal circuitry from external elements.

  7. Wide Operating Voltage Range: The adapter supports an operating voltage range of 110-500V, accommodating voltage standards in different countries and regions.

  8. Premium Conductor: Copper alloy with a silvered surface provides excellent conductivity and resistance to oxidation, ensuring stable current transmission.

  9. Fire-Rated Rubber Shell: The rubber shell achieves a UL94 V-0 fire rating, significantly reducing the risk of fire.

  10. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Operating temperatures ranging from -30℃ to +50℃ ensure stable charging service for Tesla owners in various climates.

Type 2 to Tesla Adapter

Type 2 to Tesla Adapter Specifications:

Working Current 120A Product Insertion
and Removal Force
Insulation Resistance >10MΩ (DC500V) Class of Protection IP55
Contact Resistance 0.5mΩ Max Shell Heat shrinkable plastics
Operating Voltage 110-500V Conductor Copper alloy, silvered surface
Rubber Shell
Fire Rating
UL94 V-0 Operating Temperature 30℃ ~ +50


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