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60KW-180KW DC Fast Charger All-in-one Floor Standing

  • High compatibility, applicable to almost all models on the market

  • Various charging methods: plug& play/ RFID card/APP

  • The output current has four gears for more flexible adjustment

  • Various protection functions ensure charging safety in rainy and snowy weather

  • Friendly interface and comfortable LCD screen

  • Optional networking mode: support WiFi/Ethernet/3G/4G/Bluetooth/OCPP1.6 json control device

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GR-DC Series DC Fast Charger Overview:

  • Offer DC fast charging for electric vehicles to charge in a short time.
  • High-power power module platform of nuclear safety level is adopted, which has higher safety and reliability.
  • A new high-efficiency three-phase PFC circuit topology is adopted, and the power factor is greater than 0.99 and the harmonic distortion rate is lower than or equal to 5%. The full-bridge phase-shifting soft-switching technology is adopted in the high-frequency switching power supply module,which has high execution efficiency.
  • Advanced digital current sharing technology effectively improves current sharing accuracy and anti- interference ability, and pioneers module dormancy technology and rotation technology to ensure efficient operation of the system.
  • Intelligent charging process control and perfect charging process monitoring and protection, simple operation.
  • Various charging modes to choose, such as timing charging, quantitative charging, fixed amount charging and automatic charging.
  • Real-time display of charged quantity, charging time, current electricity price, charging price and operation status.
  • It can reserve RS-485 networking communication interface and provide GPRS networking mode. Module Hot Plug-in technology to make maintenance more convenient.
  • Working environment temperature from -20℃ to + 55℃

Protection Function:

Electrical isolation between input and output of charger station.

The output device prevents the battery pack from charging the output filter capacitor of the charger station, and prevents the instantaneous high current from occurring at the output end of the charger station when the battery pack is connected. The voltage withstanding grade, insulation grade and EMC of the charger station meet the standards.

Applicable scenes:

It is suitable for all kinds of parking lots of private cars, commuters and buses in urban area, urban residential districts, shopping plazas, power business places, and city special charging station of buses, taxis, public service vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.

It is especially suitable for fast charging situations such as charging station on intercity expressways where DC charger station is needed, especially in the case of limited sites.




Model No.






Rated Power 60KW 80KW 120KW 180KW
Maximum Current 200A 250A
Output Voltage 200-1000V DC


Power Supply 3P+N+PE
Voltage Range 400VAC±20%
Frequency 50/60Hz

User Interface

Charge Connector CCS2 (CCS1/CHAdeMO/GBT Optional)
Cable Length 5M
Enclosure Galvanized steel
LED Indicator Green/Yellow/Red
LCD Display 7” color touch screen
RFID Reader Mifare ISO/IEC 14443 A
Start Mode Plug&Play/RFID card/App
Emergency Stop YES
Interface Language English/Chinese
Auxiliary Power 12Vdc


WIFI Optional
Ethernet YES
OCPP OCPP 1.6 Json (OCPP 2.0 optional)

Electrical Parameter

Efficiency ≥95%
Power Factor ≥0.99 @ 50%~100% loading
THD ≤5% @ 50%~100% loading
Ripple Factor ≤±0.5%


RCD Type A
Ingress Protection IP54
Impact Protection IK08
Certification CE
Certificate EN/IEC 61851-1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-23: 2014
Compliance Special Protection Over current protection, Residual current protection, Short circuit protection, Ground protection, Surge protection, Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection, Over/Under temperature protection
Warranty 2 years


Installation Floor-stand
Cooling Method Fan Cooling
Noise ≤60dB
Work Temperature -30℃to+55℃
Work Humidity 5%~95%
Work Altitude <2000m


Product Dimensions 700*400*1600(L*W*H)mm 750*600*1700(L*W*H)mm
Package Dimensions 800*500*1700(L*W*H)mm 850*700*1800(L*W*H)mm
Net Weight 200KG 260KG 300KG
Gross Weight 300KG 300KG 360KG
Weight 200-300 kg
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 170 cm

DC fast charger with the power of 60KW, Maximum Current 200A and CCS 2 cable, Output voltage 200-1000V DC.


DC fast charger with the power of 80KW, Maximum Current 200A and CCS 2 cable, Output voltage 200-1000V DC.


DC fast charger with the power of 120KW, Maximum Current 250A and CCS 2 cable, Output voltage 200-1000V DC.


DC fast charger with the power of 180KW, Maximum Current 250A and CCS 2 cable, Output voltage 200-1000V DC.


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