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3.5kW/7kW/11kW/22kW Portable EV Charging Station

  • Excellent Portability

  • Efficient Fast Charging

  • Smart Technology Experience

  • Multiple Security Protections

  • High Reliability and Durability

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The AFD-BXSXZ series portable EV charging station is a state-of-the-art charging device designed specifically for electric vehicle users. Not only does it offer multiple power options, efficient charging, and intelligent control, but it also features a breakthrough in design and portability.

This home charger boasts a sleek and stylish appearance with smooth lines and an elegant form. The casing is made from high-quality, wear-resistant materials, providing a comfortable touch and exceptional durability. Additionally, it comes with a 2.8-inch high-definition display that presents a wealth of information in clear, sharp visuals, allowing you to monitor the charging status at any time.

The AFD-BXSXZ series portable EV charging station, with its unique design and exceptional portability, brings a new level of convenience to the charging experience. Featuring rapid charging, high reliability, intelligent control, and multi-scenario flexibility, it is equipped with multiple safety protection functions to ensure user safety. Choose this portable car charger to make charging your electric vehicle easier, more convenient, and safer. Whether for business trips or home use, it will become an indispensable charging companion.


Portability: The most notable feature of this portable EV charging station is its portability. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to fit into your car’s trunk or carry with you, facilitating effortless transport and movement. This design not only offers great convenience to users but also allows the charger to be used flexibly in various scenarios, whether for business trips or home use.


1. Adjustable Power, Wide Application:

  • Offers four power options: 3.5KW, 7KW, 11KW, and 22KW(EN Standard), 3.8KW, 7.2KW, 9.6KW(ASTM Standard). Users can select the appropriate power level based on actual charging needs and vehicle specifications.

  • Suitable for both business trips and home use, providing a stable and efficient charging experience.

  • Flexible and customizable power adjustment creates a personalized charging solution for users.

2. Fast AC Charging, Efficient and Convenient:

  • Supports fast AC charging technology with up to 40A and 400V, delivering a maximum power of 22KW.

  • Faster charging speeds and higher efficiency significantly reduce waiting times.

  • Compatible with various electric vehicle brands and models, ensuring worry-free charging.

3. Portable Design, Easy to Carry:

  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy for users to carry and move.

  • Equipped with a user-friendly handle and wheels for effortless transport.

  • Can be easily placed in the car trunk or home storage, meeting charging needs anytime, anywhere.

4. Intelligent Charging, Safe and Reliable:

  • Utilizes advanced intelligent charging technology to monitor battery status in real-time, ensuring safe and reliable charging.

  • Features multiple safety protections, including over current, over voltage, and over temperature protection mechanisms, effectively preventing potential safety hazards during the charging process.

  • Supports intelligent recognition of electric vehicle models and battery parameters, automatically matching the best charging solution.

5. User-Friendly, Easy Operation:

  • Comes with an intuitive LED display and control panel for users to easily view the charging status and set charging parameters.

  • Offers various charging modes such as scheduled charging and auto-full, catering to different user needs.

  • Equipped with a humanized voice prompt function, making the charging process more convenient and enjoyable.

6. Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient:

  • High-efficiency charging technology reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions, promoting green travel.

  • Complies with international environmental standards and safety certification requirements, ensuring user safety and environmental protection.

portable car chargerportable car charger portable car charger

portable car charger screen                                                                 portable car charger screen


Standard EN ASTM
Rated Power 3.7KW 7.2KW 11KW 22KW 1.9KW 7.6KW 9.6KW
Rated Charging Current 16A 32A 16A 32A 16A 32A 40A
Input Voltage 230Vac±15%(400Vac±15%) 120Vac±15% 240Vac±15%
Leakage Type A or A+DC6MA A or CCID20
Cable Length 5M 7M
Function  Display Screen, indicatore light, key( time reservation, grounding option, current regulation), Bluetooth (optional)
Operating Humidity 5% ~ 95% no condensation
Operating Temperature -25°C~+50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+60°C
Operating Voltage  400Vac±15%
Enclosure Protection Class IP65
Human Computer Interaction 2.8 inch & Touch key
Over-voltage Protection 265v±5
Under-voltage Protection 85v±5
Over Current Protection ≥110% Rated output
CP Voltage Protection ≥±1V
 Leakage Current Protection AC/A+DC6
Over-temp Protection 80℃(protect) 60℃(recover)
Lightning Protection
Relay Bonding
Ground Protection
Cooling Method Natural cooling
Communication Method  Bluetooth / Wi-Fi( optional)
Package Dimension 400*360*95mm
Body Dimension 235*99*52mm
Dimensions 9.9 × 5.2 × 23.5 cm


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