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20KW/30KW/40KW Wall-Mounted DC Charging Station

  • Save space and cost, supports both wall-mounted and floor-mounted installation methods.

  • High flexibility system, directly connected to the cloud platform through Ethernet or wireless.

  • Supports RFID card/Plug&Charge to start charging.

  • Safe and reliable, consistent power across a broad voltage spectrum and wide temperature range.

  • Strong compatibility, compatible with various management system.

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This is a wall-mounted DC charging station designed specifically for electric vehicles. It supports both wall-mounted and floor-mounted installations accommodating different installation needs. It offers low power DC fast charging power options, including 20kW, 30kW and 40kW, meeting the fast charging requirements of various vehicle models.

This product not only provides efficient and convenient charging functions but also emphasizes user experience and safety assurance, making it an ideal charging partner for electric vehicle users. With its efficiency, convenience, and safety features, along with its broad applicability, this DC charging station has become an indispensable device for electric vehicle users. Whether in public parking lots, commercial areas, residential communities, corporate campuses, roadside service areas or tourist spots and parks, it provides fast and reliable charging services, making electric vehicle travel more convenient and enjoyable.

Charging Efficiency

In terms of charging efficiency, this wall-mounted low power DC charger performs exceptionally well. Its high-efficiency charging technology ensures that electric vehicles can obtain sufficient power in a short amount of time, meeting users’ travel needs.

  • Fast Charging Technology: Utilizing advanced DC fast charging technology, it directly converts electrical energy into chemical energy within the battery, reducing energy conversion loss and improving charging efficiency.
  • Intelligent Charging Strategy: Equipped with an intelligent charging management system, it can automatically adjust charging power and time based on the battery status, charging needs, and grid load, ensuring efficient and safe charging.
  • High-Efficiency Energy Conversion: The energy conversion system within the charger is meticulously designed and optimized for high-efficiency and stable energy conversion. It ensures effective use of electrical energy during the charging process, minimizing energy waste.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation Design: Featuring an efficient heat dissipation design, maintain a low temperature during charging, ensuring both charging efficiency and safety.


  • Authentication and Transaction Management:  Supports IC card authentication for easy completion of charging transactions. Equipped with a comprehensive card management system to ensure user information security and smooth transactions.
  • Smart Connectivity and Mobile Payment: Features an Ethernet interface for real-time internet connectivity. Supports QR code scanning to enter an app for charging transactions, offering convenience and efficiency.
  • Multiple Charging Modes: Flexible options to choose from automatic full charge, time-based, energy-based, or amount-based charging modes according to user needs. Intelligent charging strategies to meet different charging scenarios.
  • Real-Time Information Display:Equipped with a 4.3-inch high-definition display screen to show charging status, power, time, and other key information in real time. User-friendly interface design for easy monitoring of the charging progress.
  • Status Indicator Lights:Includes power, charging, and fault status indicator lights for clear indication of the charger’s operating status. The fault indicator light will illuminate immediately in case of an issue, allowing users to promptly troubleshoot and resolve problems.
  • Safety Protection Features:Comprehensive safety protection system, including short circuit, over current, over voltage, and leakage protection. Equipped with lightning protection modules to effectively prevent damage from lightning strikes. All safety features have undergone rigorous testing and verification to ensure user safety during operation.

Applicable Scenarios

  • Public Parking Lots: Wall-mounted DC charging station installed on the walls of public parking lots to provide convenient charging services for EV users.
  • Commercial Areas: Install wall-mounted dc charging stations in tourist attractions, parks and other outdoor places to provide charging services for tourists’ electric cars.
  • Residential Communities: Wall-mounted DC charging station installed in residential areas to facilitate residents to charge their own electric vehicles.
  •  Scenic spots and parks:Install wall-mounted DC charging station in tourist attractions, parks and other outdoor places to provide charging services for tourists’ electric cars.

dc charging station dc charging station



Model No.





Rated Power 20KW 30KW 40KW
Maximum Current 50A 100A 133.3A
Output Voltage 200-750V DC 200-1000V DC 200-1000V DC


Power Supply 3P+N+PE
Rated Voltage 400V AC
Frequency 50/60Hz

User Interface

Charge Connector CCS2 (CCS1/CHAdeMO/GBT Optional)
Cable Length 5M
Enclosure Galvanized Steel
LED Indicator Green/Yellow/Red
LCD Display 4.3 inch
RFID Reader Mifare ISO/IEC 14443 A
Start Mode Plug&Charger/RFID card
Emergency Stop YES


Energy Meter MID certified
RCD Type A
Ingress Protection IP54
Impact Protection IK08
Certification CE
Certification Standard EN/IEC 61851-1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-23: 2014
Electrical Protection Over current protection, Short circuit protection,
Ground protection, Surge protection,
Over/Under voltage protection,
Over/Under frequency protection,
Over/Under temperature protection
Warranty 2 years


Installation Wall-mounted / Floor-mounted
Cooling Method Fan Cooling
Noise ≤60dB
Work Temperature -30℃~+55℃
Work Humidity 5%~95%
Work Altitude <2000m


Product Dimensions 222*650*460mm (H*W*D)
Package Dimensions 910*610*500mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight 38KG 42KG 50KG
Gross Weight 41KG 45KG 53KG
External Package Carton
Weight 38-50 kg
Dimensions 46 × 65 × 22.2 cm

DC fast charger with the power of 20KW, Maximum Current 50A and CCS 2 cable, Output voltage 200-750V DC.


DC fast charger with the power of 30KW, Maximum Current 100A and CCS 2 cable, Output voltage 200-1000V DC.


DC fast charger with the power of 40KW, Maximum Current 133.3A and CCS 2 cable, Output voltage 200-1000V DC.


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