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How much electricity does a 120kw charging station charge in one hour?

How much electricity does a 120kw charging station charge in one hour? Normally, a 120kw charging pile can charge a maximum of 120 kilowatt hours of electricity in one hour. What affects the charging speed of the car is the vehicle’s battery management system (BMS system).

The vehicle BMS is limited by various factors such as its own battery balance under different ambient temperatures. The vehicle BMS in different states tells the charging pile that the output current is also different, so the charging rate is also different. Therefore, 120KW is the maximum charging capacity that a charging pile can provide, but it does not mean that your car can really accept such a large power.

Application fields of 120kw charging piles: construction of distributed charging stations in public areas such as parking lots, highway service areas, and municipal public spaces.

120kw charging pile product features: 120kw floor-standing DC charging pile, single and double gun optional design, 200-750V voltage platform, multi-material and layered design, using 20kw charging module, compact structure, human-computer interaction, card swiping to boot, anti-theft design , 120kw charging pile size 700*550*1800 mm.

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