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How to Maintain your Car Charging Stations?

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  • 1.Regularly check the physical connections of the car charging stations
  • Including plugs, wires, and power interfaces. If any wear or damage is found, it should be replaced immediately. Additionally, pay attention to the cleanliness of the connection parts to ensure there is no corrosion or oxidation.
  • 2.Keep the car charging stations clean
  • A dirty surface may cause electrical components to get damp, affecting safety. To avoid this, we recommend regularly wiping the charging station with a cleaner and ensuring the outer layer is clean. However, avoid using chemical cleaners as they may damage electrical components.
  • 3.Protect the power cable
  • One of the most vulnerable components of the car charging station. Regularly check for wear or damage to the power cable. If any issues are found, the cable should be replaced immediately to avoid safety hazards.
  • 4.Maintain proper ventilation around the car charging stations
  • To prevent overheating during operation. Adequate airflow around the car charging station ensures good ventilation.
  • 5.Avoid getting the car charging stations wet
  • Can car charging station get wet? Try to avoid it. As electrical components are susceptible to moisture. Install the car charging station in a dry location and avoid charging in heavy rain or wet conditions.
  • 6.Take lightning protection measures
  • As lightning strikes are a common cause of car charging station failures. In addition to appropriate lightning protection measures on the equipment, users should also take personal lightning protection measures when using the car charger.
  • 7.Perform regular inspections
  • To check the working status and charging efficiency of the car charging station. Annual inspections are recommended, especially for owners of commercial car charging station. Users can also join a regular maintenance plan for the charging station to ensure its normal operation.
  • 8.Avoid malicious use
  • Such as vandalism, disorderly placement, or unauthorized occupation of car charging station, as these behaviors may damage the charging station and cause significant economic losses to operators. Additionally, to prevent damage to vehicles, we recommend users refrain from purchasing ev charging stations from unauthorized channels.
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