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Powering Tomorrow, Charging Today.

Our mission is to create efficient, reliable, user-friendly and intelligent charging solutions.


We are professional EV Charger manufacturer providing various models of EV Chargers and Accessories.



To meet different customer needs, whether you are an individual user or a corporate client, we can provide you with reliable charging stations.

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We provide various models of EV Chargers and Accessories, including AC EV Charger, DC Fast Charger, Commercial EV Charging Station and Home EV Charger with excellent quality and support both OEM&ODM customization.


Professional EV Charger Manufacturer

High-quality EV Charger

Offer high-quality, reliable EV chargers that meet safety standards and ensure long-term stability.

OEM&ODM Customization

Including different power levels, connection methods, payment options an so on.

Technical Support & Training

Offer installation, commissioning, and maintenance services to ensure proper operation and maintenance.

Innovative Technology

Continuously introducing new technologies and innovations to enhance charging efficiency and user experience.

Compliance & Certification

Ensure that our products comply with local regulations and standards, obtaining necessary certifications and approvals.

Guaranty & Service

2 years warranty and professional after-sales service, actively responding to customer needs and feedback.

ev fast charging
home ev charger

The Advantage

WHY rmtpower EV Charger

Your best caring car companion

Fast Charging

Consistent power across a broad voltage spectrum and wide temperature range, ensuring optimal energy utilization. Charging as fast as needed.

Smart Management

Interconnected across multiple operators, equipped with smart, data-driven hardware, provide real-time data and reports for remote control and management.

Compatibility and Reliability

Supporting multiple vehicle models, rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest standards of performance, safety, reliability and efficiency.

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ev charger with anti-theft

All-round Safety Protection

Built with safety as a top priority, our EV chargers adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the safety of your car. We make offering EV charging easy for any business. Sure, we provide full-stack solutions of hardware, software, services and support, but that’s not all. There’s still much more we can do together.

Over Current Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Waterproof & Dustproof IP55

Over Voltage Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Leakage Protection

Under Voltage Protection

Flame Retardant Protection

Lightning Protection

EV CharGING STATION Applications


dc fast charging station

Commercial Parking Lot

(Shopping Mall, Hotel, Office Building, Charging Station)


ev charging station in the public parking lot

Public Parking Lot

(Public Park, Square, Street)


ev home charging station

For Home Charging


Residential Parking Lot with charging station

Residential Parking Lot




What people say about us

Your feedback will be our greatest motivation.

Charging Station Owner

"RMTPOWER has rich products and complete functions, and can provide a wealth of solutions and operation management platforms, which are very suitable for our current and future EV charging station operation layout. We hope that RMTPOWER will always maintain such quality and standards!"


Hotel Manager

"Our cooperation with RMTPOWER has been very smooth. The EV charging stations they provided can meet the daily car charging needs of our customers. At the same time, they provided very good after-sales and technical support and helped us install the charging station smoothly. We are very satisfied."

What people say about us

Your feedback will be our greatest motivation.

Automotive Engineer

Automotive Engineer

"The EV Charging Stations provided by RMTPOWER are choosen after we have carefully selected them in terms of quality and quality. Their EV chargers can match our car models and their functions can also be combined with customer needs."

real estate

Real Estate Developer

"We choose RMTPOWER as our supplier because of their flexible design and energy-efficient load balancing capabilities. These features, combined with the layout of the parking lot, are ideal for our current and future EV charging needs."

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